Our corporate identity packages are especially designed to meet the needs of startup and small business companies. Our packages will get your business’s web and offline presence up and running in no time. Getting your company image right from the offset is an essential task for all startup and small business. Your digital and printed brand is a core part of your business presence. The package can also be used by new projects, individuals and small businesses.

We provide a high quality one-stop-shop for graphic design and print solutions, as well as for web design for your startup and small business.

Designing corporate identities often play a big role in our design services. We, here at Smart Digital Media, believe that a well designed corporate identity forms the foundation on which you build you company name and standards.

We work closely with our clients of companies big or small to create a strong corporate identity that will uniquely identify their brands. Our packages include creating a logo design (3 logo options), selecting typefaces and colour palettes, as well as creating template layouts and style-guides.

We usually present a single recommendation and then work with client feedback to find the best solution.

Corporate or brand identity is a great deal more compared to a skillfully designed logo or even an appealing tagline. Our brand identity designers keep the opinions of your customers in mind. Any interaction between you and the client communicate a message & establishes a standpoint regarding your brand name. Your corporate identity is able to be shaped by approval of your brochure or logo design. Easy navigation of your website and a content look and feel of your website design creates a positive memory of your business in the mind of the client.

Perceptions are developed from personal experience which you are unable to define. Nevertheless, you are able to have an influence on them. An excellent, well designed corporate identity has a manner of influencing perceptions & establishing a strong brand name identity. Deciding to use Smart Digital Media to put together a corporate identity design package for you will put you a long stride ahead of the rest.